At Qualcomm’s 5G Day, the modem company announced a number of devices will be released as 5G-ready in 2019, including devices from LG, Nokia, Sony, and others, which will all use the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G NR modem.

Qualcomm says that 5G is not only impressive for its lower latency and higher speeds but also because it will do away with the need to use unsecure public Wi-Fi networks. Since your data network will be so fast, you can use it to watch videos just as easily as if you were connected to Wi-Fi, according to Techradar.

AT&T announced earlier this year that it will release 5G services in late 2018, and a number of sources have reported that Sprint plans to release 5G services by the end of next year.

Verizon announced they plan to launch 5G in up to five markets in 2018. They recently used the audience at the Super Bowl to test their 5G network connection. The company said this demonstrates how the increased speed can provide consumers with better live video and virtual reality experiences.

“Since we first set out to create the world’s largest set of 5G test markets, we learned a tremendous amount about what the technology could deliver,” said Sanyogita Shamsunder, Executive Director, 5G Ecosystems and Innovation. “This latest demonstration at Super Bowl LII and in New York City is another example of how we’re pushing 5G to exploit never-before-imagined uses cases and applications.”