New research from Turkey shows that college student who frequently use their smartphones may be at risk of impaired hand function and reduced pinch strength. While the study does not conclusively link smartphone use with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it does show that excessive use of smartphones may hurt your hands over time.

The study assessed 102 college students who were divided into three groups: non-users, moderate users and high users. Researchers used the Smartphone Addiction Scale to place the students in each category.

The results of the study showed students were more likely to have an enlarged median nerve (the central nerve in your hand) if they had high smartphone use. More specifically, the enlarged nerve was more often located in the person’s dominant hand, or the one most often used for texting, browsing, and playing games on the phone.

“The exact clinical relevance of the study findings is not known. Future studies are warranted to address the clinical relevance of median nerve enlargement in high smartphone users,” said Esra Erkol Inal, MD, the lead author of the study. “Youngsters should be aware of the dangers of these pocket devices.”

Reports last December showed frequent texting could also result in neck and spinal damage because of the extra pressure the head experiences in a bent position.

Extreme use of smartphones may actually cause problems with your body. Monitor your usage carefully to avoid medical problems that may arise in the future.