Ever feel overwhelmed with text messages, email alerts, Facebook updates, and all the other distractions on your smartphone? If so, the Light Phone may be the answer for you.

Light Phone takes away all of the fancy features of modern-day smartphones and brings cellular technology back to its roots – making and receiving calls. The device is about the size of a standard credit card, weighing just 38.5 grams. It can be used on its own or alongside a smartphone, with a companion app that forwards calls to the device.

The Light Phone comes with an unlocked SIM card that can be used on any GSM network. This allows a backup number for your phone that you can give out to close friends and family members. If you choose to use the companion app to attach the device to your smartphone, the incoming calls to your current number will forward to your Light Phone.

Perhaps the greatest feature on the Light Phone is the 20 day battery life. No more plugging in your phone overnight to charge. You may only need to do that twice a month with the Light Phone. This device offers an ideal way to limit distractions, making it perfect for business trips and family vacations. It could also be used as a child’s first phone, providing the safety of cell phone calling without the price of a hefty data package.

The Light Phone is currently available on pre-order through a Kickstarter campaign. Assuming the project reaches its $200,000 goal, the makers expect to ship the product in May 2016.