Each year, Apple launches a new iPhone, and Samsung follows up with an update to their Galaxy phone. 2018 will be no exception, as rumor has it that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy s9 and Galaxy S9 Plus in February and release the devices in March.

According to Bloomberg, the phones will feature upgraded cameras, and Android Headlines is reporting the battery will be about 7% better than on current Samsung models. Sammobile reports Samsung could be taking a page from Apple’s rule book by offering multiple color options.

While Apple and Samsung’s U.S. market share is currently tied, all of these new specs may not be enough to overthrow Apple entirely, though, as most iPhone fans are attracted to the apps and user interface.

Rickey Roach, the Senior Messaging Engineer, said he doubts he would ever switch to an Android device. “I’m not sure it’s the manufacturers who have to do anything. The big players (Samsung and LG) do well when it comes to design and specs. I think the big changes are with Android (and its marketplace) itself. The apps that are available for Android aren’t as closely monitored and vetted like they are for iOS. I think Android is nice because of its customization abilities, but it is not as easy and simple as iOS. iOS and iPhone are used to replace BlackBerry in the Federal Government because Android is susceptible to malware and viruses where iOS is typically not (it’s only exploits are used for jail-breaking). Not to mention I’d have to buy all my apps again!”

Some analysts believe Samsung will release the Galaxy S9 at iPhone X’s $999 price point, which may not be a good idea given the iPhone X’s recent sales. Sales for the new iPhone have been lackluster, according to some experts. After a robust Black Friday weekend sales record, sales have not reached the level iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus met last year, according to The Register. Additionally, shares in the company have dropped 1%.