Per Min. : 2.30¢
Monthly Fee: $ 0
Billing Increment / Minimum Call: 6/6 sec
Average Customer Service Wait Time: 2 Minutes
Savings Score: 94.2
Plan Basics:
Interstate Rate: 2.3¢per minute. Rates may be higher in certain areas.
In-State Rate: State-By-State Chart.
International Rates: Country-By-Country Chart.
Monthly Fee: $ 0
Minimum Usage Fee:
IntraLATA: Same as In-State Rate.
Billing Increment: 6 seconds / 6 second minimum
USF Fee: 11.1% of Interstate and International Calls
Federal Tax: 0%
Billing Fee:
Direct Dial: Just Dial 1 + the Number (Normal)
Peak Calling Times: None. Rates are the Same 24/7.
Caller ID/Call Waiting: Available through Local Carrier
Local Carrier: Must be a Regional Bell
Contract or Minimum Sign-Up Period: None
Switching Fee:
Provides Local Service: No
Billing: Online
Additinal Details :
Rate to AK/HI: 23.5 cents per minute to AK.
23.5 cents per minute to HI.
Calling Card: 10 cents per minute.
Calling Card Billing Increments: 6 seconds / 6 seconds
Payphone Surcharge: 0 cents per call.
Directory Assistance:
Business Rates: Same
Toll Free Rates:
Toll Free Service Charge:
PICC Charge: 3.95
Customer Service:
Average Wait Time: 2Minute(s)
Underlying Carrier:

Our Opinion:

IBNtel has years of experience in the telecommunications industry. They offer a very competitive rate of 2.3 cents per minute with no monthly charges. Attractive six-second billing increments.

Other Fees:

IBNtel charges $1.95 each month that your usage is under $20.