Per Min. : 3.00¢
Monthly Fee: $ 0
Billing Increment / Minimum Call: 6/18 sec
Average Customer Service Wait Time: 3 Minutes
Savings Score: 96.2
Plan Basics:
Interstate Rate: 3¢per minute.Rates may be higher in certain areas.
In-State Rate: State-By-State Chart.
International Rates: Country-By-Country Chart.
Monthly Fee: $ 0
Minimum Usage Fee:
IntraLATA: Same as In-State Rate.
Billing Increment: 6 seconds / 18 second minimum
USF Fee: 11.1% of Interstate and International Calls
Federal Tax: 3%
Billing Fee:
Direct Dial: Just Dial 1 + the Number (Normal).
Peak Calling Times: None. Rates are the Same 24/7.
Caller ID/Call Waiting: Available through Local Carrier.
Local Carrier: Available Nationwide with Many Carriers.
Contract or Minimum Sign-Up Period: None.
Switching Fee: Reimbursed by carrier
Provides Local Service: Available Nationwide with Many Carriers.
Billing: Mail/Online
Additinal Details :
Rate to AK/HI: 4.9 cents per minute to AK.
4.9 cents per minute to HI.
Calling Card: 9.9 cents per minute.
Calling Card Billing Increments: Domestic: 60 seconds.
Payphone Surcharge: 0 cents per call.
Directory Assistance:
Business Rates: Same
Toll Free Rates:
Toll Free Service Charge:
PICC Charge:
Customer Service: 24/7, Multilingual.
Average Wait Time: 3Minute(s)
Underlying Carrier:

Our Opinion:

TCI is one of the top providers that serves almost the entire country. No monthly fee or monthly minimum usage requirements. Good interstate and instate rates available for most states. Good billing features: 6 second billing increments and 18 second minimum call time. Fast customer service available 24 hours a day. TCI is a long distance company where the customer service agents speak 6 different languages. ¡Hablan español! Lowest intrastate rates for IL, MI, MT, PA, RI, TN, TX.

Other Fees:

Total Call International has implemented a Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee in the amount of $0.99 per month. This fee is ONLY applied to the customer’s account if they make an INTERstate or international call during the month.